Monday, March 29, 2010

Here is an illustration I have done for a Jazz Radio Station based in New Jersey. If you scroll down on this blog, you'll notice I have used the "Chippendale" color palette but have added an off white which was created by adding a scanned in "texture".

In hindsight ... and perhaps I shouldn't beat myself up too much because it is a great skill to have ... but why do I do so much digitally? I enjoy painting, particularly when I combine gouache with acrylic, ... and I've got a great sense for depicting subject matter with a very distinguished sense of the human form. Plus, my undying enthusiasm for Kentaro Miura has brought me back looking at the masters of drawing (Durer, Rembrandt, etc.). Maybe it's time to completely revamp the whole illustration portfolio? I was told I was "all over the place" when I graduated.

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