Monday, May 31, 2010

CINDER AND ASHE: Paper Technicolor

I'm jumping the gun a little bit (the below panels are from a graphic novel going in my "Amazons in Distress" ongoing essay series), but I couldn't help but share these amazing color palettes from the 1988 DC Crime Drama Cinder and Ashe by Gerry Conway and Jose L. Garcia Lopez. The colors were done by Joe Orlando.

These colors are not done digitally; they are laid down like silkscreen layers. Frank Santoro (I continuously site this guy) does a great demonstration as to how colors were produced in this era of comic book history. Watch the video and learn ...

The procedue is similar to how technicolor movies were made in the 40ties and 50ties; painting right on top of film strip in layers. The end result, in both cases, is extremely lush and flat images. The aesthetic reminds me of Douglas Sirk movies whose chosen color palette as a director fits perfectly with the subject matter of his romantic dramas.

I'll write more on this title later on - but I just wanted to share these amazing panels, palettes and layouts for my own research.

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