Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Thank you, thank you, thank you residents of Providence, students and alumni alike for coming out this past weekend to the RISD alumni sale. The event was super encouraging, I couldn't have asked for a better day, I said hi to so many old faces, met some new cool dudes and dudettes, danced my butt off to the What Cheer Brigade (no photos unfortunately ... I was dancing!) and made enough to pay for my table AND printing costs.

Here's a shot of Studio Spring 2010 located in my mom's AMAZING barn studio in Ipswich Massachusetts. This is, as they say, "where the magic happens" - I was stapling, pricing and running to the local office store from this desk prior to sale.

I got a free ride to Providence with mom so she could go visit her old college friend, Becky Barnes. Beck is an accomplished architect. See the photo of the new Boston bridge behind her? Yeah ... that's her doing. She's moving to Seattle soon to take a position at the University of Washington and will be sorely missed. Good luck Becky! You're the best and you cook awesome swordfish!
RISD in May is pretty idealistic. As I mentioned before, I couldn't have asked for a better day for the sale.
A new painting which was a character study for Suburban Cyclops Hunters. I'm considering putting the story on hold. I'm still throwing a lot of ideas around in my head. Regardless, It was fun painting a haunted house, a Greek goddess and a dragon slayer.

I also ALMOST sold the Burrito man painting, but I am almost happy I didn't since it's one of my favorites (although a bit muddy) - and I got this nice photo of it since for a second I thought it may be going on it's way.

My next craft fair will be in Boston - MASS MARKET 6 at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design on SUNDAY, June 27th. I'll post more information as it comes.

Until later true believers ...

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