Friday, August 13, 2010

September is a big month

I haven't blogged in a while. Many apologizes, true believers. But it's all well worth the wait because I've been slaving away behind the desk like an Irish monk copying Plutarch, being scared of God/death and eating a steady diet of nuts and berries. The new comic has the working title of "JONI WYNONNA WINSTON". It will be a 3/4 issues story arch. I've been drawing a lot of motorcycles for it. Limited color palette. A creepy dream sequence.

In my work I am developing a traveling troupe of "actors"; I seem to draw the same 6-7 people, but they take on different names and faces. For example, in "Joni Wynonna Winston, The "dealer" is Winters in the Invasive Exotics. Joni is Jane. Hud is JJ. This happened organically. I'm fine with it. In fact, I think it's kind of neat ... it feels like working with specific actors because aesthetically each "actor" drawn is symbolic of a type of person in society ... kind of like Bill Murray is your cool uncle and/or Garfield, Javier Bardem is the mysterious European, Meryl Streep is the sophisticated middle aged woman who has become older with grace. No wonder directors work with the same actors time and again. And to go on that riff, it's interesting to consider the connections between a director and a drawer ... I feel like a paper director.

Well ... enough of my rambling. Joni Wynonna Winston: Issue #1 drops September 17th at the latest. Official press release date will be up on the internet soon. A sample of the comic will be put on this blog and the comic will be available on Etsy. I am debating silkscreening covers again as this will not be "zine digest size", but rather standard comic book size.

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