Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just discovered Karl Wirsum over at Jean Albano Gallery in Chicago. Ugh, I always figured my whimsical symmetry drawings were original/unique. Turns out this guy was producing a similar thing back in '77. Regardless, it is inspiring. While muted, his colors are eerily psychedelic. The name of the series is entitled "Alien Dating Service". Not only talented, but also a sense of humor. HA!

David Bull and I are having preliminary discussions of producing a graphic novel adaptation for the Marco the Magi story. He told me it wouldn't have to be War and Peace ... but I dunno, the story is so epic its length should be what is necessary to tell the story well. On second thought, 1,000 pages of comics sounds like hell.

With that said, if I were to take this project on I'd consider it a project of self reflection if I truly do want to continue making comic books. While I was born drawing and the medium itself is fabulous, the creation of comic is just so ISOLATING! It doesn't feel healthy to spend so many hours behind a desk sometimes. But then again, a large project like a biography of Marco the Magi would help me answer these questions.

New comic being released in about a week. "Joni Wynonna Winston". It's Country-Horror-Noir? I guess that's a good way to explain it. Limited run. "mini". More details coming to the etsy page in a few. Gimmie time.

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  1. Hey Jack,
    I've long thought about writing a nonfiction piece on the story, if you'd ever be interested in chatting about it I think it's a project that could be really neat. And, you know, we got the inside scoop!