Thursday, January 19, 2012

Megalife Demo

Megalife has two shows coming up; one in NYC, the other at PA's lounge in Somerville, Massachusetts. Details on the NYC show are developing, but apparently it's at a bowling alley with our friends, Twitchers. The other show in Somerville has this lineup:

Feb. 17th at 9pm

Beagle Bone

And maybe one more. For more show information, check out the PA's Lounge website.

This is all exciting because I am designing a limited edition CD-R of all of Megalife's recordings to date, including both versions of the song Seroquel. It will also have a mysterious Enchanted Blue Tiger bonus track on it. The album cover is the above image. Sorry, this show is 21+.

I'll have more information about the NYC show as it develops.

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