Thursday, April 8, 2010


Invasive Exotics #4 is now being stapled and assembled just in time for the MOCCA festival in NYC! Check the link for all the details and swing by to read the final installment of 2009's story arc. These zines are limited addition and will be available online next business week on my etsy store along with ORIGINAL ARTWORK!

Whole lot of silk screening up in here.

#4 is the motherload, kids. The gloves come off but this ain't your average hockey punch-out. Get ready for 48 pages of fiery apocalyptic furious action. This is the DIY, self published ink and pen equivalent to that never ending finger tap guitar solo you can only imagine in your nightmares. Exhilarating and exhausting, Invasive Exotics #4 not only ends the first Easewell story arch, but it reads like a scythe through wheat. Puritans, posers and escape addicts beware; Invasive Exotics #4 takes the myth of male power fantasy, straddles its neck and shoves a stick of dynamite down its throat. This ain't your daddy's average Green Lantern comic book. Grab a five hour energy drink, pump your headphones up to 11 and turn to page 1.