Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Further observation of Original Amethyst series

Check out those color separations! Bleeding pink smoke? Who does that? C'mon --- While digital color allows for an infinite spectrum of color options, the hierarchy here is stellar (it's basically primary - just less saturated) the bluntness of his transforming Dark Opal's pink armor exaggerates the anatomy in his arms and the composition of the text is pretty perfect.

This panel comes from Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld issue 11 of 12. Previously I wrote a critical short blog entry on issue #4, but on further inspection of the entire story it's a pretty strange hoge poge of genres - I can't figure out who they were attempting to advertise the series to - the color palette and protagonist makes me think it was meant for young girls, but there are elements of dark fantasy and even horror throughout the series - which are somewhat mature. I can't even make some comparison in pop culture to what this series is like ... maybe "the Labyrinth"? Dark Opal is kinda like the goblin king, but less comical. The dream sequences are somewhere in between Little Nemo in Slumberland and Nightmare on Elms Street.

I'll write more soon, but I wanted to share the power of color separation versus digital. I'm all for digital, but the artist methods of the past cannot be forgotten.

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