Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nice Review from Zine World

Clint Johns for Zine World:

The Invasive Exotics #1 - #4: A four-part comic serializing the rise of a psychotic ice cream magnate (Dr. Slimecold) who attempts world takeover using mutant ants, and those who resist (including the Lara Croft-like Jane, various Brooklynites, and conventional law enforcement). I admire the sustained storytelling (especially since the story is so odd), which works consistently across the four volumes. Some of the dialogue is stilted (“I am Sunset. Sunset Mike.” Why not just, “I’m Sunset Mike”? But maybe that’s an homage to pre-80s comic book talk?), but overall it reads well. The art is stylish and conveys the story effectively and moves things along - a talent that not everyone has. The pictures are occasionally cramped with darkness and detail, though, occasionally rendering the action murky and hard to follow. The covers are beautifully created, each with a detailed color sticker, affixed to the silkscreened front panels. The whole enterprise is impressive. Jack Turnbull,,, [$5-6 each, $20 for all four, not ftp, 26-46M each, total reading time ~ :60]


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